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Saturday 08/30/08 “Boot Camp Group WOD”

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Boot Camp will begin at 11am Sharp.  Please be early.

Today was a small Group Workout called

“Dirty Thirty”

30 reps of the following for time

  1. Wall Ball
  2. Jump Box
  3. Hanging Clean to Push Press
  4. Jumping Pull Ups
  5. Sit Ups with Weight
  6. Kettlebell Swing
  7. Kettlebell High Pull
  8. Push Ups
  9. Burpees

We will possibly have only 1 workout Monday at 10am at Central Park in Plantation.  We will do some sprints and medium distance jog.  Bring your running shoes.  I will post more details in the next day or so.

Welcome Lisa for her second day of Functional Movements.  Great work.

Heidi B shows Lisa how to do a Med Ball Clean.
“Dirty Thirty”  in action.

Gidget and Samatha doing abs.