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Saturday 11/08/08 “Workshop & Group WOD”

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Today was a great CrossFit Mini-Workshop followed by Group Workout “Fight Gone Bad”.  There were a few new members who joined and immediately were hooked on the Kool Aid.

The Workout was as follows.

Three Rounds of the below exercises for 1 minute each.  The clock runs continuously as you switch exercises.  After completing all 5 exercises you get a one minute break.  Then complete the circuit again for a total of three rounds.

  • C2 Rower
  • Push Press
  • Jump Box
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Wall Balls

PB062642 Jason and Gayle on the Jump Boxes as Romeo was in the water on the C2 Rower.

PB062638 Doc and Jackie were hitting the Push Press.

PB062643 Steve Land doing Wall Balls.


We have a few friends just south of us who follow our CrossFit WODs.  Stephen Spin must have had an impact when he was down in GTMO a few months ago.  The picture is A. Hern doing some gymnastic movements getting warmed up for the Workout of the Day.  Keep up the good work guys and stay safe.