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Saturday 11/22/08 “Group Workout”

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Great Group Workout today.

Three Groups of 3.  Each Group had to complete the following for time:

Run 200 Meters (everyone in your group must complete the run before starting the following)

  • 250 Pull Ups
  • 350 Push Ups
  • 500 Sit Ups
  • 600 Squats

Run 200 Meters (once the last person in your group finishing your WOD is complete)

  • Team Green 24:52
  • Team Black  25:40
  • Team Red     26:18


Team Black doing Squats (only 2 can work while 1 rests)

Team Green counting up the Sit Ups they did.

Team Red taking a breath.

Pull Up Clinic

Today was a solid Group.  Everyone pushed it to the limit.  Great work.