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Saturday 12/20/08 “Group Workout”

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Saturday “Group Workout” 9am Sharp

Workout of the Day  (WOD)

We will start out with a 10 min Group Workout
As Many Rounds As Possible. (in 10 min)
15 Med Ball Cleans
15 Air Squats

then move into the workout

“Fixed Card Game” (30 Minutes)

Hearts              10 Kettlebell Swings
Diamonds        10 Box Jumps
Spades             10 Wall Balls
Clubs               10 Push Ups

Red Joker         100 Meter Sprint
Black Joker       10 Burpees

PC182666 Med Ball Cleans are always a good warm up.

PC182669 Nice solid Russian Kettlebell Swings are the best.

PC182672 And the Group always loves Burpees.

PC182675 Someone pulled a Black Joker. 100 Meter Run.