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Saturday Beach Work

By 12/04/2010No Comments


Partner Workout (Teams of 2)

“Sand Trap”

20 Minute AMRAP

One partner starts and completes the entire circuit.  Once partner #1 completes they must tag partner #2.  Only one partner goes at a time.  Keep completing circuit and rotating partners.

Run 50 Meter to SandBag
Run back with Sandbag to original Spot
10 Cleans
10 Front Squats
10 Lunges
10 Presses
Run back 50 Meter with Sandbag
Sprint 50 Meter back to original finish line


Congrats to Dave and Rebecca for winning todays workout.  Think Dave got 5 Rounds in while Rebecca completes 4 Rounds.

Thanks to everyone for showing up.  We gained a lot of attention on Ft Lauderdale Beach.  Great group of diversified members from both East and West gyms getting together to start off the weekend on a beautiful Saturday Morning.

Pretty exciting to watch Isaac Bruce who is a member of the East side come out and train with us all.  I’m sure he will be a hall of famer in the future.