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Short Heavy Nancy

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Warm Up


3 x 10 reps Overhead Squats w/ PVC Pipe

500 Meter Row NFT (not for time)

Workout of the Day (WOD) (45 Minute Cap!!!!!!!!)

“Short Heavy Nancy”
8 Rounds for time of:
200 Meter Run
8 Overhead Squats 135M/95W

Cool Down



Coaches Notes:  200 Meter = Run out back down go West and inside front garage door.  Be sure all athletes go below parallel on the Overhead Squats.  If they need to scale back load please make sure they do so.  If they have a shoulder flexibility issue and absolutely can not do an Overhead Squat have them do a Back Squat.

New Toy / Band Platform


When you walk in the gym you may see this little contraction in the corner.  It may look like its only 135 on the bar but those little bands will add another 250 – 275 lbs.   So before you decide to pull that weight do the math.  We will start programming some of these movements with bands and chains to enhance overall strength.  To be cont…….