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Shoulder Press & Lucky 13

By 06/21/2010No Comments


Warm Up

Joint Mobility and Line Drills

Strength Work

“Shoulder Press”

5 Reps @ 40%

5 Reps @ 50%

5 Reps @ 60%


Conditioning Work

“Lucky 13”

8 Minutes of

7 Squat Cleans 135M/95W

7 Chest Slapping Push Ups

2 Minutes of

Pull Ups

2 Minutes of

Double Unders

1 Minute of


Core Work (optional)

100 Ab Mat Sit Ups


Just wanted to give everyone a reminder about logging your results.  When you come in you will notice I put a very large filing cabinet next to the cooler.  Seems we have outgrown our two drawer now we have 4 drawers.  Everyone should have a file inside so you can keep track of your progress.  This is critical if you are looking to track your progress.  Please be sure to not only log it in your file but put it on the whiteboard since I take a pic for our records.