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Shoulder Press & Met Con

By 12/13/2010No Comments

Remember – starting this Monday we will begin our 6am classes on Mon – Wed – Fri at CrossFit Affliction!!!!!!!


Warm Up

Shoulder Mobility Work

Row 500 Meters

Strength Work

In 20 mins work up to 1 rep max on Shoulder Press

Log in your 1 Rep Max.  This should take you at least 20 mins

Do at least 2 – 3 Warm Up Sets prior to your Work Sets

Conditioning Work

In 12 mins
Run 400 Meters
then AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in whatever time is left over.
7 Push Press 115M/75W
7 Knee to Elbow

Cool Down

Band Stretch, Foam Roll, Mobility


Coaches Notes: Feet under hips, Grip just outside shoulders, Bar in front rack position, Elbows down and slightly in front of bar, STRICT SHOULDER PRESS – NO BENDING OF THE KNEES.

Primary Points of Performance:  Good Set Up, Constant Tight Mid line, Active Shoulder at the top of the lift, Bar travels straight up.