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Shoulder Press / Snatch Test

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Warm Up

Mobility and Line Drills

3 Warm Up Sets Shoulder Press 5 – 8 Reps @ 30 – 50%

Strength Workout

Shoulder Press
If you are on week #2-

Set #1 is 3 reps @ 70% of your “working” one rep max.

Set #2 is 3 reps @ 80%

Set #3 is 3 reps (or more) @ 90%

Conditioning Workout
Snatch Test
As Many Snatch As Possible in 3 Minutes
135Men/95Women (must be full snatch or Power Snatch into OH Squat)
Immediately after
1000 Meter Row for time (post Snatch # and Row Meters and Time)
Endurance Training (Optional) 3 + hours after CF
3x5min Interval Run or Row w/3min recovery between
5x5min if no CrossFit WOD today