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Sneaker Chronicles by Steven Bowser

By 08/22/2010No Comments

I traded in my bubble sneakers quite some time ago and started to wear some Converse All Stars.  I realized when I started to POSE Run I needed to build up my foot strength and the only way to do so was to quit heel striking and get rid of the mattresses I was stepping on.

My Converse All Stars ran me about $29.99 at Target about 1 year ago.  As you can see from the wear and tear I been walking on the balls of my feet.  Thats a good sign.  Problem is my ankles always seemed to be sore when running with these and everyday wear and tear.

I purchased a pair of INOVs F Lite 230 on Zappos for $99.00.  Love the way they feel however as you can see from the sole all ripped apart they are not durable at all.  That is from 3 Rope Climbs.  I had these sneakers for only a couple months.  I contacted a rep from INOV and she basically said – Sorry call Zappos.  I contacted Zappos and Kudos to them they are taking them back.  Problem is they dont stock what I need right now.  So that takes me to the next pic.

Nike Free purchased at Sports Authority for $85.00.  Cant give you any feedback because I havent even laced them up yet.  So far they feel pretty comfortable.  I will find out tomorrow if they can survive some rope climbs and runs.  Might even do some Heavy Overhead Squats to see how they feel.

That concludes the Steven Bowser Sneaker Chronicles.