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By 09/26/2010No Comments

As usual our Social Gathering was a HUGE Success.  Thanks to everyone who made it out – and those of you who didnt – too bad, you missed a good time.  This is the part that sets us apart from all other gyms.  We have a close community inside and outside the gym.  Friendships have been melded and we all share a common goal no matter age, gender, religion, or race.  That goal is a better healthy lifestyle.  And as you can see from the pics its not just about crushing workouts and long distance running.  We all share time recharging our batteries.  It all makes sense to come out and show off all the hard work you’ve been doing.  We are already planning the next event.  See you soon.

And yes to all you critics out there.  Its okay to go off the strict diet once in awhile and cut loose.  That is in Moderation.