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So I decided to run a 8.4 mile Spartan Race in Miami which consisted of trail running along with a obsticale course.  If you could not pass a certain task such as climbing a wall or even putting tegether a rubix cube you would also be required to do 30 Burpees (wonder where they got that idea).  If you havent done a trail running event its much more challenging than just a regular run.  I would compare this 8.4 mile trail run to at least a 12 mile pavement run.  Keep in mind on the trail you are running up small hills over rocks and tree roots along with mud.  Come to think of it was would compare it to a 16 mile regular run.  At one point we had to swim across a lake.

How did I prepare for this event?  I didnt, or at least I didnt think I did.  I ran with many nice people during this 1 hour and 55 min event and had some pretty funny coversations.  When I told one guy I havent run over a 5K in about 20 years and never did a trail run he asked me why am I even on this track.  I told him I do a Cross Training Program dividing mostly Strength along with Conditioning Workouts and we call it CrossFit.  He told me he never heard of it but as his voice got lower and lower and I pulled away from him I heard him say where do I sign up.  He also screamed that I might want to invest in Running Shorts and not to wear underwear and cotton socks next time.  When I took a shower after the event I agree 100%.  Felt like I did Ab Mat Sit Ups all over my body when I hit the water.  Blisters if you dont get it.

So what did I learn from this event besides next time wear running shorts and dry fit socks?  Here are a few things.  I totally believe in POSE Running.  When I hit the smoother areas and was able to got into POSE Position during my runs I was passing many smaller atheletes which really pissed them off because Im running about 205lbs these days.  However when hitting the trails with lots of tree roots and rocks I was unable to get back into POSE Position so the little chipmunks had the advantage of me at that segment.  Again as I said in the beginning I hardly run more than 400 or 800 Meter Runs between doing the WODs and maybe some time trials.  I honestly think I will get into the competitive group next time just to see how I can hang with these Endurance Athletes.

As I preach over and over again to our Athletes along with tire kickers who come in to check out our program.   “CrossFit” training will make you good at every aspect of fitness.  If you have a weakness certainly focus on it but just do the program and everything will fall into place.  Im living proof and so are many of our athletes.   Seems like not only is our Endurance getting better but so is our Strength.

See you at the Key 100 Race coming up in May.  Thats correct a 100 Mile Race.  I will be getting my running shorts this week.

Great Job everyone who came out.