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Sunday 02/08/09 “Rest Day”

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Today was Day 2 of our Olympic Certification with Coach Burgener.  Heidi and I were blessed to be in the presence of Coach Burgener, Sage Burgener (who is in most of the CrossFit Demo videos on all the lifts), Casey Burgener (2008 Olympian), Natilie Woolfolk Burgener (2008 Olympian).  Add Olympic Weight Lifting Certification to the list on CrossFit Affliction resume and be prepared to learn a lot about the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch.

121Coach Steve, Coach Heidi, Coach Sage Burgener, and Coach Mike Burgener.

119Coach Steve, Coach Heidi along with Olympians Natilie Woolfolk and Casey Burgener. If you never seen them lift do a search on Youtube.  It will Blow your mind.

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