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Sunday 03/15/09 “Rest Day”

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Hope everyone enjoys their day off.  Things are very promising and Monday we should be solidifying our new lease for a 2600+ Sq Ft Box.  So next weekends WOD may be moving a lot of heavy equipment to the new location in the Sawgrass Tech Park off 595 and Sawgrass Expressway behind the IKEA Building.
I know several of the members don’t go online however I want to get a wish list from everyone for new equipment.  For example I know Ryan wants a Peg Board to climb on which will be ordered along with Ropes for climbing, pulling, and doing battling ropes, Cargo Net, Olympic Lifting Platforms, etc….  If you can think of things to put on the wish list put them under comments or email me.


I also wanted to thank Chuck N. for putting together a Hero workout on Friday to honor Curtis Mancinni who was a Davie Police Officer and Soldier who served in Afghanistan.  Sadly Curtis was killed in action while serving our Country.  A small group of us payed our respects by doing a workout in his name and it went as follows:

  • 400 Meter run
  • 50 Pull Ups (Dead hang)
  • 100 Meter Fireman’s Carry or Farmers Walk
  • 50 Dips
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 50 Knee to Elbows
  • 100 Sit Ups
  • 400 Meter Run



Small but dedicated Group and everyone trained HARD!  Most of the participates were not able to break away from important commitments to attend however were there in spirit.  God Speed Curtis M.  You will never be forgotten!!!!!