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Sunday 04/19/09 “Rest Day”

By 04/18/2009No Comments

We are closed today!  Hope everyone enjoys the day off.

Two things to think about on your day off.

#1.  Where are we all going to meet this coming Saturday for our Social Gathering?  Leftys in Davie could be a winner.  Email me or post in comments.

#2.  We did a Monthly Challenge a few months back that was a great success.  We did a Cindy Challenge so for the entire month we did another Round of “Cindy”  (5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats).  By the end of the month we were at 20 Rounds.  For example the first day of the month we did 1 Round, second day of the month 2 Rounds, etc….  At the end of the month since we only counted Mon – Fri we were up to 20 Rounds.

There are some options for anther Challenge.  We can do a Burpee Challenge so everyday we do 2 Burpees so at the end of the month we would be doing 80 Burpees.  We could do a Thruster Challenge, Box Jump / Push Up Challenge, or even a NO Sugar NO Grain 30 Day Diet Challenge.   We will start the Challenge 05-01-09.  It is always fun and effective.