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Sunday 08/03/08 “Rest Day”

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What a incredible week.  CrossFit appears to be taking off in Ft Lauderdale / Plantation Florida.  There is a passion for Fitness in South Florida and lots of incredible athletes along with ordinary people just looking to get in shape or maybe stuck in a rut at the Commercial Gym they train at. 
I give everyone a open invitation to come in and try CrossFit for a few FREE Workouts to see if it is for them.  They must be dedicated and willing to work hard to achieve goals that are obtainable and within their reach. 
We had a solid week of doing some tough WODs that included Cindy, Nancy, Filthy Fifty, Lynne, and rapped it up with a 5k run on Friday.  I am still rubbing my heal with a tennis ball. 
Take Sunday off to recharge the batteries.  Ordinarily I would suggest doing some light activity such as biking, or walking.  After this week I would rest and relax and maybe hit the beach. 
See you on Monday.