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Sunday 09/21/08 “Rest Day”

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No WOD Today.  I will post photos of the Night Out at the Florida Cigar Bar and Health Fair shortly.
Good luck to Bryson who is going back to school.  In just 3 short Weeks I noticed a huge difference in performance and appearance.  Unfortunately we did not get to do a farewell “Fran” WOD.  Check our Website for the WOD’s and do your best.

Can anybody see a difference in the 2 pics above?  I see something missing – A jelly roll.  Note how his legs and arms developed and these pics are only about 2 weeks apart.  Even though Bryson only lost a few pounds of Body weight you can tell he put on muscle and took off some fat.  Just his face alone.  So lets get a case of beer and some chicken wings tonight to celibrate.

P9191750 Heather the poster child bartends for the CrossFit Crew

P9191756 Heidi and Patty talking about doing burpees over drinks.

P9191759 You know you got a drinking problem when you are asked to pose for a photo and you just cant put down your drink – Steve Low.

P9191751 Jeff and Patty having a stoggie at the Cigar Bar

P9191761 Dave and Heidi playing some darts.  Which gives me a great idea for a WOD.

P9191752 If your name is not Steve – you cant be in the photo.  Steve B, Steve Spin, and Steve Low hanging.  Where the hell was Steve Land?