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Sunday 09/28/08 “Rest Day”

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CrossFit is a training program suitable for all levels who are interested in getting fit.  I looked around our studio and seen a variety of members including Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Military, MMA Fighters, Doctors, Attorneys, Students, Bartenders, Hair Dressers, Housewives, and even had a professional Ballet Dancer visiting from San Francisco.
If you are stuck in a rut from the same routine at the gym and cant seem to get past a sticking point or someone who needs to improve your endurance for a cage fight or triathlon or any other activity or even someone who never picked up a weight or ran 100 meters – I GUARANTEE you will get results in 8 weeks or less or I will hand you your money back.
Contact me for a free introductory session.  It will be the most selfish decision you ever made – to get yourself in shape.  Not just physically but mentally.

Some days you will train on your Strength and Conditioning.  Starting Strength.   We will teach you proper technique and form on Olympic Lifts and Power Lifting Movements.

Some days will be Met Con Days (Metabolic Conditioning) such as rowing, running, biking, jumping rope, etc….or a combination of some or all of the above.

Other days will be Gymnastic movements such as Basic Ring Exercises, Body Weight Movements such as push ups, pull ups, air squats, dips, etc….

Then there are days when we put them all together.  Dont let the Pukie Bucket in the middle make you nervous.  Its just a joke.

Put all these Elements together = Cross  Fit