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Thursday 01/01/09 WOD

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Workout of the Day  (WOD)

CrossFit Affliction is closed today and will be open tomorrow (Friday) for a 10am class only. 

Fireworks Celebration Over The Space Needle MS-2503

Happy New Year to all.  Its been a great ride and we seen some incredible progress with all our members at CrossFit Affliction.  2009 is going to be even more challenging and it looks like we may be moving into a 3000 square foot facility in the next month or so.  Heidi and I have a passion for Coaching and its been easy with our members who have stuck around long enough to see results which is not very long. 

If you are looking for a great training system to put you back on track to peak fitness – CrossFit is the answer.  We Coach you through Functional Fitness Movements Constantly Varied at a High Intensity Level.  Our clients range from age 13 thru 70.  We can scale the workouts to accommodate everyone's level of fitness.  Injuries are just an excuse not to train.  Our Functional Movements will strengthen your weak back or bad knees or even your weak ego from letting yourself get out of shape. 

So contact us to come in and see what the Fitness Craze is all about.  CrossFit is spreading like wildfire. Please call for appointment!!!!