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Thursday 07/24/08 WOD

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"Michael"      If you want to know who Michael is "click on his name"

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions

Post time to comments.

Lisa M         21:41
Steven B     23:32
Heather       7:54    scaled
Trish           15:45   scaled
Angel          13:05
Jeff              22:35
Manny         24:47

Below is a excellent video by Kelly off of  This is exactly what I keep preaching to everyone about your Form coming First, then Consistency, then Intensity.  Seems most like to skip directly to Intensity due to their Competitive side.  Check it out. 

The Set-up Part 1, Kelly Starrett, video [wmv] [mov]The Set-up Part 2, Kelly Starrett, video [wmv] [mov]The Set-up Part 3, Kelly Starrett, video [wmv] [mov]