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Thursday 12/04/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

3 Rounds for time 21,15,9
Deadlifts 225M/165W
Hand Stand Push Ups

Great Workout (WOD) today.  Several new members joined today.  Justin and Donavan are Beasts.  They blew through the WOD so fast I had to put them through another quick workout.  Danielle had some power on the rowing machine.  Gus, Jon, and Rhett kicked butt as well.  Jeff got the eye of the tiger and looks like he means business.   Maisa it was good to see you.  Next time we will do some Glute Ham sit ups before you run out the door.  Steve Land tripled the push ups and put his feet up on the bench instead of Hand Stand Push ups. 

Early bird Rich brought in his wife early this morning and they both set the bar high.  Spinelli trained like a pit bull like always. 

Heidi had her group come in as I was leaving this morning for work.  Several members were missed today and I am going to be on the phone tomorrow tracking down Matt and Juan.  Manny made a surprise visit yesterday and claims he will be back in tomorrow. 

We are right around the 30 member mark and if things continue at this rate by Feb we will be possibly moving into a 2800 sq ft warehouse I got my eye on. 

Tom F stopped in also to discuss a Kettlebell Workshop which we will schedule for sometime in Jan 09. 

Sorry I dont have any pics to post my camera fell apart.  Maybe Santa will bring me a new one.  LOL