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Time to start training like an athlete – not a hamster on a tread mill.

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We been getting a lot of new clients walking in to check out this new “Fitness Craze” they call CrossFit. First thing everyone wants to know is “What is CrossFit”? I would say one of the biggest hurdles I have to jump is explaining it to new potential clients. Why is it hard? Well I have to attempt to read the voice of who is on the other end of the line without being able to see them. Are they in shape, out of shape, older, younger, athletic, skinny, fat, skinny-fat, hardcore, weak, intense, lazy, etc……..
In the past the first thing I would say is CrossFit Training is scalable for everyone and anyone and that is 100% true. We can modify any workout we do in our gym to custom fit each level of athlete or member that comes in our door. For example yesterdays workout included Handstand push ups. Most cant do handstand push ups so they would just do regular push ups. If you cant do a regular push up then you do a push up from your knees. If you cant do push ups from your knees then you stand next to a wall and step back about a foot or two and push yourself off the wall. Starting to see a pattern here? We can start you off very slow and build you up quickly.
We have athletes or members who had gotten injuries playing sports or an accident where they broke a foot, hand, or even had knee surgery and instead of laying around watching Jersey Shore and eating bon bons they come in and modify the workout. You can lighten the weight, shorten the duration, change the exercises, you name it we can make it work.
Our client base is very broad. We have young teenagers, elderly, high school athletes, professional athletes, endurance runners, weightlifters, police, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, students, teachers, actors, dancers, attorneys, executives, you name it. But one thing all these people have in common – they give it 100% every time they walk in that door to train. We not only train you we educate you. We teach you movements, We coach you. We push you. We track your progress. We give you nutrition guidance. We get you quick results. You WILL get better at something everytime you come to our facility. It can be as simple as as push up or as complex as a Clean and Jerk.
Seen anyone at your local globo gym doing Olympic Lifts or Basic Gymnastics? Not likely. We dont use machines in our facilty. We use old fashioned Iron or Rubber Bumber weights combined with bodyweight movements and cardio.
So in the second paragraph I said in the past I would say CrossFit Training is for everyone. I am gonna take that back. Its for people who want to make a serious change for the better physically and mentally. On a monthly basis we get 40 year olds in better shape than they were in their 20s. If you dont believe me come in for a quick tour and talk to our members. You can watch a class and see what we do at our CrossFit Training Facility. If you like what you see and hear and you are ready to make a commitment you can sign up. We take it to a whole new level
Call Jorge @ 954 846-8666 to set up appointment after you click on the promo videos below.

CrossFit Affliction / The Playground Gym from Jorge Cruz on Vimeo.