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Tuesday 08/05/08 WOD

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Four Rounds for Time:

500 Meter Row or 400 Meter Run
25 Back Extensions
25 Glute Ham Sit Ups

Post times to comments:

Steve B      Row      17:42
Lisa M        Run       16:08
Steve L       Run       16:28
Ryan A        Row      16:33
Manny         Run       18:44
Neil             Run        16:47          1 set of ab mat
Heather      Both       20:22          1 run 3 rows ab mat sit ups
Heidi B       Run        15:50
Trisha         Run         25:02          ab mat
Lydia          Run         25:12          ab mat
Gidget        Both        28:00         2 -200 meter run 2 row ab mat
Gayle          Both        23:23         1 run 3 row ab mat (great job)
Jeff G          Both        14:42         2 run 2 row
Angel       ?????

Joe G decided to go back to school to get out of class
Steve S keeps working late
Nate and Pam we hope to see you tomorrow.  Hope you are feeling better Pam
Chris K is in class this week
Brian P and Lance S should be back tomorrow.
Anyone I missed – Get back in the Gym.


Gayle practices the overhead squat as Heidi B coaches.


Finally the rings are in – Who will be the first to master the Muscle Up?


Ryan A happy he is done with todays Work out of the Day (WOD).


Jeff G "Mystery Man" appeared to smoke todays WOD.  Once he posted his fastest time for the day he disappeared like the Butler in the movie "Mr Deeds"  (sneaky – sneaky). 


Neil being introduced to the infamous "Glute Ham Sit Up"