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Tuesday 08/26/08 WOD

By 08/25/2008No Comments

Workout of the Day (WOD)

For time:

Row 1000 meters
25 Burpees
Row 750 meters
50 Burpees
Row 500 meters
75 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Manny    35:25              Jon      42:20     Ryan     26:19
Gidget    42:51   Steve Low    28:10    Steve S 35:43
Heidi       31:31        Dave L    31:33    Steve L  28:24
Jeff G      27:55

Sorry I missed today’s WOD.  Heidi told me there was lots of energy with the night crew.  Steve S did a great job between plugging his tire.


Jenna performs good full Squat Form below Parallel.  Actually scary how good her form is.  Tomorrow she will do some Burpees.


Good Group WOD.  The Bear Complex.  Almost looks like the video.


Back by popular demand.  Its Manny B