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Tuesday 09/16/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

Complete the following for 3 rounds 21,15,9

Run 200 Meters  (Sprint)
Dumbell Thrusters  45#M  30#W
Run 200 Meters  (Sprint)
Wall Balls  20# M  14# W
Run 200 Meters  (Sprint)
Kettlebell Swings  44# M  26# W

Core Work:    Back Extensions    3×15
Knee to Elbows      3×15

  1. Gus  31;40
  2. Gayle   didnt get your time.  put it in comments
  3. Maisa  21:46
  4. Steve Land  18:21
  5. Steve Low   20:35
  6. Angel    21:25
  7. Heather 20:38
  8. Ryan  19:00
  9. Neal   ??  put it in comments
  10. Bryson  ?? put it in comments
  11. Jeff
  12. Heidi B
  13. Jazmin

Sorry guys, I erased the Board before I wrote some times down.  Put them in Comments and I will add them.


Neil doing KB Swings

Ryan, Jeff, and Steve Land setting the pace.

Gayle and Maisa doing Wall Balls.  Gayle set the pace as Maisa pushed through the extreme soreness.  Welcome to the “Pain”.