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Tuesday 11/25/08 WOD

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Workout of the Day (WOD)

7 Rounds of the following for time

7 Thrusters 95/65
7 Burpees
7 Pull Ups
Compare to 9/23/08

We had so many new faces today I dont know if I am going to get everyones name right so if I dont please forgive me.

Jean is our oldest member however our youngest at heart.  She inspires me with her consistency and desire to put forth 100% every time she walks thru that door.  By far the CrossFit Affliction member of the Month.  Even the Cage Fighters admired her drive today.

PB232180 Eddie came in and did Fight Gone Bad Prescribed.  That was truly impressive for the first time.

Rhett came in to drink the Kool Aid.  After going over Functional Movements he did 5 Rounds of Cindy.

PB232186 Jackie does Kipping Pull ups on all her WODs.  No excuses!!!!

PB242188 Gayle made a showing today and did a great job.

PB242190 Julio put on his game face and would not quit.  Great work.

PB242191 Carlos wanted to quit but Julio wouldnt have it.  Welcome to CrossFit Bro.

PB242194 Eric smoked todays Workout.  Great job brother.  Glad its over.

PB242195 Julio had to make several pit stops outside during the WOD – But he would not say no.  Bring that one back to the Major when you get back home brother.

PB242202 My anchors Jeff and Jon finished up strong.

IMGP1256 (2)
There was some confusion when I asked Gus and Jeff to go Pig Hunting.  They thought I said we are taking a flight on a mission to Iraq. IMGP1255 (2)

We ran across 1 Insurgent.