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Warm Up

Joint Mobility and Line Drills

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Unbroken” from CrossFit Denver

3 Rounds, no time limit

20 Bodyweight Squats unbroken

20 Bodyweight Dead Lifts unbroken

20 Pull ups unbroken

Row 500 Meters under 1:45 men / 2:00 women


The idea is to do each set unbroken.  If you can not complete the reps unbroken you must start from the beginning of that exercise or simply continue on and put scaled next to you name.  The goal is to do Bodyweight on each movement if possible.  The same rules apply for the row – must be under prescribed time or start from the beginning or call it scaled.

I ran across this old picture of Jenna doing a back squat at age 3.  As of right now we do not teach CrossFit kids (but will soon) however many of the kids in the gym mimic the movements.   Look at this pic – see how she has pretty close to perfect form.  Its called Flexibility.