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Upcoming Certs and Seminars!!!!!

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Upcoming Certs and Seminars

01-29/30-10        USA Weightlifting Cert w/ Coach Glenn Pendlay @ CrossFit Affliction
02-05/06-11        IKFF Kettlebell Cert w/ Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn @ CrossFit Fort Lauderdale
02-26/27-11        Underground Strength Training Cert w/ Zach Even-Esh @ CrossFit Fort Lauderdale
04-02/03-11         CrossFit Running & Endurance Cert @ CrossFit Affliction

I compiled a list of great websites you might want to bookmark which are great reference guides to help you stay creative with your paleo menu along with educate you.

#1.  Paleo Food .com

#2.  The Paleo Diet .org

#3.  Everyday Paleo .com

#4.  Paleo-Recipes .com

#5.  My Paleo Kitchen. com

#6.  Paleo Plan. com

#7.  Living Paleo .com

#8.  Live Primal .com  (92 page cookbook)

#9.  The Lable Says Paleo. com

#10. Paleo n u. com

#11. Marks Daily Apple. com

#12. Raw Paleo Diet. com

#13. Primal Toad. com

#14. Whole 9 Life. com

#15. Maria Nutrition. com

#16. Robb Wolf. com