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Wednesday 01/28/09 WOD

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Warm Up

  • 100 Jump Rope

       21,15,9 of the following:

  •  PVC Thrusters
  •  PVC Press

Workout of the Day  WOD

Shoulder Press 10-8-6-4-2

Rest as needed then:

21,15,9 of the following for time:

  •  Thrusters  95#M/65#W
  •   Pull Ups

              2 Rounds of:

25 Glute Ham Sit Ups
25 Back Extensions

DSC00550  DSC00589 

DSC00571  DSC00596 

DSC00593  DSC00609 

DSC00545  DSC00624 

DSC00642  DSC00656

Here are some pics of our members doing some of our Routines.  Above you see some Basic Barbell Movements and Bodyweight Movements which are inclusive with our High Intensity CrossFit Training Sessions.  A Drop in the Bucket.