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Wednesday 07/23/08 WOD

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Start with a 500 Meter Row

Complete each exercise with Rounds of Reps Listed

Pull Ups
Box Jumps  24" Men  20" Women
Kettlebell Swing    54# Men  30# Women
Dumbell Thrusters  30# Men   20# Women

End with a 500 Meter Row

Post Comments for time:

Today was a absolute Brutal Workout of the Day (WOD).  Here are the results!!!!

Steven B   33:25  Prescribed
Heidi B      35:01  Prescribed
Chris K      37:46  Scaled slightly
Lisa M       38:08  Scaled slightly
Manny        45:47  Prescribed
Steve L      37:38  Prescribed
Trish  M      34:24  Scaled
Lydia           DNF
Angel           36:49  Scaled
Heather       22:50  Scaled
Joe G          Too sore
Jeff               Too busy
Ryan             Surfing in Hawaii
Steve S        Home on Facebook

I want to thank everyone for motivating me to the point of me going past the point of no return on my WOD’s.  I have never trained this hard in my life.  And I feel it.


Chris K and Lisa M going at it on the push ups.


I see CrossFit  people – doing burpees and kettlebells. 


Lisa M cant wait to get back to L.A.