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Wednesday 11/05/08 WOD

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Workouts of the Day (WOD)

CrossFit Workout
1000 Meter Row
Thruster 50 reps  45#M / 25#W
Pull Ups 30 reps
500 Meter Row
Thruster 25 reps
Pull ups 15 reps
250 Meter Row
Thrusters 15 reps
Pull Ups 10 reps

Core Work = 8 rounds tabata abs

MMA Workout
3 Rounds for time
25 Wall Balls
Run 200 Meters
Deadlift 225# 5 reps
Tire Drag 100 Meters

Today was a great day and the intensity was high.

PB022575 Jenn was working hard on her Kip

PB022576 Jen and Jackie doing thrusters.

PB042583 Jason came in to drink the Kool Aid.  Great form on Thrusters.

PB042589 Heather shows a lot of intensity on the rower.